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Upcoming Events

May 13 Westside Heritage Festival
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This website is an introduction to the cultural heritage of the western corner of Wicomico County, Maryland, once known as Barren Creek District. Mardela Springs is the western “gateway” to the rich heritage of the lower Delmarva peninsula. Named Barren Creek Springs for almost 200 years, this is an historic town. The area was first settled in the late 17th century and many families living here now can easily trace their lineage back to those first settlers. From foodways to speech patterns to crafts and means of livelihood, the visitor can experience the rich history of these people. The serenity of the place, the quaint villages, the quite touch of undisturbed nature, all lie within minutes of a busy major highway cutting across the Peninsula and bound for the shores of the Atlantic. But stop awhile and explore the stories that await you here. Reflect on the values of America, seen and felt here in this lovely land.
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Saving & Celebrating the history and traditions of western Wicomico County since 1985
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Westside Historical Society seeks to preserve the history and traditions of this part of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland for future generations, and to promote an awareness and appreciation of the area's heritage.

We attempt to save and restore significant historical buildings or sites, artifacts, documents, records, photographs and art reflective of the history and culture, and coordinate preservation efforts with other local organizations. We work with area youth and civic groups, publish local history monographs, and promote exhibits.
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