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Nanticoke District
Tyaskin, Bivalve and Nanticoke
Tyaskin, Nanticoke and Bivalve all are in the southernmost district in the watershed - Nanticoke District. All grew largely because of their close association with the rivers and creeks. During the Revolutionary War, many of the residents were loyalists, in opposition to pro-revolutionary neighbors. During the War of 1812 the Salisbury Battalion of the U.S. forces was stationed at Nanticoke Point to protect the locals from the invading British fleet. From the 1840's steamboats from Baltimore put in to both Nanticoke and Tyaskin, the last stopping in the 1920's. The lovely Episcopal St. Mary's Chapel at Tyaskin was built by local shipbuilders, as the ceiling - looking like an inverted keel reveals. All these "river communities" were home to oystermen, crabbers, fishermen and boatbuilders. Early on in the 1800's Nanticoke also was the site of seafood processors, lasting until the late 1900's. For several years the beach at Nanticoke was a popular resort, but its popularity waned by the early 20th century. Bivalve began as Waltersville, but in 1887 local residents decided to honor the oysters so vital to the town's prosperity and renamed the town for the mollusk.
Whitehaven is actually on the banks of the Wicomico River but only a few miles from Nanticoke Point, and is on the County's west side, even though it is not in the Nanticoke watershed. This is one of the older settlements in the County, known today as having the oldest continuously running ferry in the nation - since 1688. Originally hand-pulled, today a motor powers the cable-guided raft type ferry across the river to Somerset County.
The hotel on the river shore was built in the 1800's when the town was a busy port, ferry crossing and commercial center. Now restored as a Bed and Breakfast, Whitehaven Hotel offers visitors a serene glimpse into the Shore's past.